Understand the significance of a recovery phrase. Learn how to create, reset, safeguard it, and use it to recover your Internet Identity.

Why do I get an “incorrect” error message when entering my recovery phrase?

This can occur for several reasons. It is strongly recommended to use multiple devices and backup mechanisms to avoid potential issues.

1. Incorrect recovery phrase

The recovery phrase complies with the Bitcoin Improvement Proposal (BIP-39) word list. Check if there are any misspellings, for example. Also, all words should be in English, but your browser may have translated some words into a different language. 

Screenshot 2023-08-24 at 5.08.07 PM.png
2. Blank spaces

Check if there are any blank spaces before or after any of the words.

3 . Phrase accidentally removed from the Internet Identity

Protect your recovery phrase to prevent this issue by entering the phrase to remove it, thereby preventing others from removing it without your consent.

4. Wrong identity number 

You may be using the wrong identity number.