Understand what a passkey is, how to add it to your Internet Identity, and what steps to take if you lose it.

Why is my iPhone automatically named “iCloud Passkey” when adding it to my Internet Identity? Can I rename it?


On Apple devices, new passkeys are synchronized using iCloud synchronization. Apple has removed support for non-synchronized Passkeys, which means that you should be able to seamlessly log in to your Internet Identity on all your Apple devices that use the same iCloud account.

If you are uncomfortable with synchronized passkeys, your best option is to buy a FIDO U2F device, such as YubiKey®, or the Kensington Verimark Fingerprint Key.



Renaming your passkey

You can rename your passkey to anything. To do so, visit and choose your Internet Identity to continue. 

On the Manage your Internet Identity page, scroll down to the Passkeys section.


Click on the three dots icon of the passkey you wish to rename and select Rename.


Choose a nickname for your passkey and click Next when finished.