Internet Identity: The Basics

Learn about some of the most basic concepts of using Internet Identity.

How do I use Internet Identity to connect to dapps?


  1. Launch the dapp you wish to connect to. In this example, we are connecting to the NNS dapp at Many other dapps in the Internet Computer ecosystem also utilize Internet Identity.
  2. Look for the sign-in, login, or connect button, which may be located in the header, navigation bar, or main page.
  3. Select Internet Identity as the authentication method. On the NNS dapp, Internet Identity is the only option, but other dapps may feature different methods.
  4. After selecting Internet Identity, the dapp will redirect you to the Internet Identity login page. If you haven't created an Internet Identity yet, see this article. If you have already set up an Internet Identity account, choose the Internet Identity that you want to use.
  5. You are connected! After authenticating, you should be redirected back to the dapp, where you'll be signed in and have access to the dapp's features and functionalities.


Note: the exact steps may slightly vary depending on the specific implementation of Internet Identity and the dapp you're using. For example, if you registered for an Internet Identity using a temporary key, you will be asked to enter you PIN to authenticate.



When you connect an Internet Identity to another application on the Internet Computer, each application generates a new principal ID and account. For example, funds transferred to ICSCAN while using your Internet Identity to connect will not be visible on The same applies if you utilize Internet Identity to create an account on DSCVR. The tokens you send to your DSCVR wallet will not be accessible on or ICSCAN. This occurs because Internet Identity generates a distinct principal ID for each application.