Understand the significance of a recovery phrase. Learn how to create, reset, safeguard it, and use it to recover your Internet Identity.

What happens if I lose my Internet Identity number or recovery phrase but still have access to my passkey?

If you lose your Internet Identity number or recovery phrase but still have access to your passkey, you can restore and connect to your Internet Identity. Here's how:

  1. Use the Internet Computer dashboard which features a chart showing Internet Identity numbers growth over time. You can determine the Internet Identity number created during a specific time window.
  2. Click the "maximize" icon next to the Internet Identities graph line to expand it. Use the sliders under the chart to zoom the chart to the dates of interest.
  3. Filter the graph by the approximate date when the identity was created, and then add 10,000 to the number shown on the graph to get the correct Internet Identity number.
  4. Hover over the chart to see the total count of Identity numbers at that time.
  5. Try connecting to an Internet Identity using any of the numbers created on the date when your Internet Identity number was created. This enables narrowing Identity numbers to a few hundred.
  6. Try logging in with each Internet number sequentially.

Remember, it's always recommended to add multiple devices and recovery mechanisms to every Internet Identity to prevent loss of access.