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Does Internet Identity Support Windows Hello?

Yes, Internet Identity does support Windows Hello authentication. If Windows Hello is set up on your computer, Internet Identity will be able to authenticate you.


To check if your Windows device support Windows Hello:

  1. Open your Windows Settings, and select “Accounts.”

  2. Select "Sign In Options"


Configuring Windows Hello PIN

If your Windows device does support Windows Hello, you can add a new passkey to your Internet Identity by following these instructions:


  1. Activate your Windows Hello PINba92a5fa0ea8a4a76ea16b6b59c9a144d4c05ce9.jpeg

  2. Use a regular browser tab (not Incognito mode) on Chrome or Firefox. Using Incognito mode will prompt you to Insert USB again.2

  3. Create an Internet Identity anchor and use any device name. Enter your PIN and confirm.
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