Understand the significance of a recovery phrase. Learn how to create, reset, safeguard it, and use it to recover your Internet Identity.

How do I Recover my Account with Recovery Phrase?

Clearing your browser cache erases the keys on certain products, which will lock you out of your account if you do not have a recovery phrase in place.


If you have your recovery phrase, you can recover your account following these steps:

  1. On select Lost Access.2023-08-24_16-59-49.png
  2. Then select User Recovery Phrase button.2023-08-24_17-06-07.png
  3. Enter your Internet Identity.Screenshot 2023-08-24 at 5.08.07 PM.png
  4. Enter your Recovery Phrase and click Continue 
  5. Once you’re in the management screen, you’ll be able to remove the now-defunct passkey.

After you recover your account with your recovery phrase, we recommend that you add the device that you are using (if it is one that you trust) to your Internet Identity so that you can access Internet Identity from this device again in the future.