Understand the significance of a recovery phrase. Learn how to create, reset, safeguard it, and use it to recover your Internet Identity.

How do I reset my recovery phrase?

You can reset your recovery phrase as long as you can still connect to your Internet Identity.

If you locked the recovery phrase before and can no longer access it, you will not be able to reset it.


Resetting the recovery phrase


1. Connect to your Internet Identity account on

2. Under Recovery methods, hover over the three dots next to Recovery Phrase 2023-07-24_10-59-26.jpg

3. Select Reset


4. Click OK


5. If your recovery phrase was NOT locked, a new recovery phrase will be instantly generated.


6. If your recovery phrase was previously Locked, you will need to re-enter it along with your Internet Identity number to reset it


7. Write down the new recovery phrase and keep it secret and stored in a safe place


8. Select I have safely stored my recovery phrase once you have made note of it and click Continue


As a further security measure, you might want to lock your recovery phrase so it cannot be removed or changed unless you authenticate with it.