Understand what a passkey is, how to add it to your Internet Identity, and what steps to take if you lose it.

How do I add a passkey to my Internet Identity?

Samsung's latest version of Samsung One requires Samsung Pass to use, create and manage passkeys.

To add a new passkey to your Internet Identity:

1. Connect to

2. Under Passkeys, select Add new Passkey

3. Scan the QR code or copy and paste the link on your browser. If you want to add a FIDO device (which will not allow you to scan a QR code or paste a link), click the "or add FIDO Hardware" button.

  • Option 1 - Scan a QR code / copy & paste Link
  • Option 2 - Select "or Add FIDO Hardware" to add a FIDO device

Scan QR code / Copy & paste link



4. On your phone, after scanning the QR code or following the link, you will be prompted to Verify New Passkey.

5. On your computer, enter the Verification Code displayed on your phone and click Verify Passkey.

6. You will have successfully added your phone to your Internet Identity.


Add a FIDO device

The steps are the same except you need to click the "or add FIDO Hardware" button. A popup will appear, prompting the user to insert the FIDO device.


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