FIDO Devices

Learn what a FIDO device is, how it functions, and how to add one to your Internet Identity.

How do I add a FIDO device to my Internet Identity?

To add a FIDO device to your Internet Identity, you’ll need to first set up your key. For this example, we’ll be using a YubiKey. Head to Yubico’s start site and scroll through the list of keys to identify your YubiKey. Read through the tips, then enroll your fingerprint using either Windows or Chrome.


On the popup window, select USB security key. You’ll then need to insert your security key to your computer. Once inserted, create a pin and confirm it. Then capture your fingerprint by gently pressing your finger multiple times at slightly different angles on your YubiKey’s sensor. Make sure to use a finger that you can easily use.


 Once captured, select Next. You’ll then be able to use biometrics on your key.


1. Connect to and select Add new Passkey.


2. Then select or add FIDO Hardware.


3. Select the USB security key before inserting your security key and touching the sensor. 



. You've successfully added a new passkey!


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