Understand the significance of a recovery phrase. Learn how to create, reset, safeguard it, and use it to recover your Internet Identity.

How can I lock my Internet Identity recovery phrase?

Internet Identity enables users to lock the principal derived from the recovery phrase. This means that users can set their recovery phrase so that it cannot be removed or changed unless they authenticate with it.


Since the lock recovery phrase is an opt-in feature, existing recovery phrases can be removed by any device until it becomes locked. Users with no recovery phrase cannot use this feature.


To lock the principal derived from the recovery phrase, users need to create or connect to their Internet Identity. 


Create a recovery phrase if you don’t currently have one.


1. Hover over the kebab menu icon in the recovery methods section.


2. Select Lock.


3. A notification box will pop-up informing you of the following:


4. Enter your Internet Identity number and recovery phrase. Click Continue.


5. Your recovery phrase is now locked!


In the event your recovery phrase gets compromised, you have the option to reset your recovery phrase. To do so, hover on the kebab menu icon and select Reset.

Keep in mind that if you have locked your recovery phrase, you will need to re-enter it to reset it. When resetting an unlocked recovery phrase, a new recovery phrase will be generated replacing the old one.

For your security, it is recommended that you keep your recovery phrase safe and secret. If you lose your recovery phrase, you won’t be able to reset it.